Regulated / Adjustable PCP High Pressure Valve for Airforce Condor SS Talon Airgun AirRifle

  • $44.66

  Name: Airforce Airgun Constant Pressure Valve for Condor / Talon

  Specification: Constant Pressure Valve suits Condor Airforce. The thread size(conect CO2 Cylinder) is M18 X 1.5.

  Weight: About 460g

1.Install different top hat, will be suitabel for 4.5mm(.177 cal), 5.0mm(.20 cal) 5.5mm(.22 cal) 6.35mm(.25 cal) and 7.62mm(.30 cal) barrels

2.The constant pressure range is from 5mpa to 15 mpa(About 750psi to 2300psi), you can use your condor / talon with Constant pressure

3.There are different valve top hat, 8mm 9mm and 10mm(OD /conect barrel), please choose the right zise when you install it, if you need other size, please contact me

4.Player suggestions: 4.0mm inner hole - 4.5mm(.177 cal) barrel; 4.5mm inner hole - 5.0mm(.20 cal) and 5.5mm(.22 cal) barrel; 5.5mm inner hole - 6.35mm(.25 cal) and 7.62mm(.30 cal) barrel.