New 12g CO2 Pump to PCP Constant Pressure Conversion KIT HPA for Crosman pistol 1377 1322 2240 2250 2260

  • $79.99

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Name: Crosman 12g co2 or pump convert to PCP Kit

Specification: Suit CROSMAN 2240 2250 2260 1377 1322 2300.

IMPORTANT:   The valve is sealed by high pressure, it won't leak when the pressure up to 3~4MPa.

1: Main cylinder is made of titanium alloy, working pressure is up to 30mPa (1mPa≈10bar≈150psi).

2: DO NOT disassemble the installed part when you get them.

3: We have set the best pressure before shipping, so you'd better not adjust them at will.

4: To install them, you only need to keep the original barrel, grip & trigger set, and Push Pin.

5: Please choose the suitable length of cylinder.